This is how we work

It begins with a course where risk and safety are clarified in a mutual collaboration between the customer and ChrisAll Solution. Equipment, materials, etc. must be moved within the given timeframe but without risk of loss. The safety of our employees and the surrounding environment must not be compromised. Perhaps the task is quite simple, maybe complex – in any case, risk, requirements and expectations must be clarified.

1 A project management is selected

As a starting point it is important that the customer has a designated project manager – and possibly a project group composed of the relevant specialties or sub-sections in the company

2 Requirements are determined

The project management should clarify as soon as possible about regulatory requirements, approvals (e.g. FDA) and possible influence on the relocation process and if necessary define measures and specifications with respect to these requirements. Disposal of hazardous materials which are not to be moved to the new location should be initiated. The same for chemical materials that have e.g. exceeded the expiry date (don’t move waste!). Define critical equipment and machinery which demands special attention. Determine the overall timeline. Maintaining customer’s process while reallocation takes place? If this is desired what would then be the critical route, corresponding timeline and slacks?

3 Define Procedures

When the schedule, requirements and expectations are in place, the procedures must be determined. These are of course very specific to the individual customer. Here are some main lines:

  • Procedures to ensure that no damage or improper handling of machinery and instruments occurs
  • Procedures that ensure that chemicals and biological cultures, etc. are handled, transported and stored properly
  • Procedures that ensure staff and the surrounding environment from risk and unintentional incidents
  • Procedures to ensure proper cleaning and decontamination

4 Division of tasks

Together with the project management a detailed planning for the entire moving process is carried out in order to obtain a good flow and the items to be moved can be identified. Possible division of work between the customer’s internal resources and ChrisAll Solution is determined.

Focus areas

4 areas of great importance for ChrisAll Solution


Security is the absolute foundation of all work done by ChrisAll Solution. We take great pride in meeting all regulatory requirements.


It is important for ChrisAll Solution that the jobs we carry out for our customers are in compliance with environmental regulations.


It is important for ChrisAll Solution that our customers take an active role should ChrisAll Solution be asked to carry through disposal of equipment or materials.

Working environment

ChrisAll Solution seeks to secure our customer the best most qualified and fastest possible service and at the same time we continuous strive to develop a good and healthy working environment. Therefore, we are always focusing on how we can optimize core areas for our employee like ergonomics, hygiene, health, safety and well-being.