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Frederik Vilhardt

Associate Professor, PhD
Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

“As we have been through a move to SYMBION and back to PANUM, we have come to know ChrisAll Solution and Jesper Berthelsen very well.

ChrisAll Solution has been professional, cooperative and willing to change. The work of moving various “non-vulnerable” materials (tables, cabinets, refrigerators, chemical rooms, etc.) has been carried through completely as planned, and we have been able to relocate and set up the office and laboratory very quickly.

However, what I appreciate most of all is the careful and responsible move of our heavy and expensive machines like FACS, microscope etc.. Here ChrisAll Solution is far more than just a moving company. ChrisAll Solution has also helped me to put an advanced pressurized air table up for a confocal microscope.

Additionally, ChrisAll Solution’s people are really sweet and friendly (which is important in major relocation situations, where people typically are vulnerable and terretorial), I can only recommend ChrisAll Solution’s services.”

Ivan Frans Jensen

University of Copenhagen
NNF Center for Protein Research

“My best recommendations goes to ChrisAll Solution. Super fast service, always happy employees who work fast and responsibly. At ChrisAll Solution no task is too big or too small, everything is done professionally and at a price that holds.”

Annie Rasmussen

Forensic Institute
Internal Service

“We use ChrisAll Solution for different tasks. The staff is always flexible and helpful. Since the safety at the Institute is very important, and which may cause delays, ChrisAll Solution’s readiness, flexibility and their quality in work are important to me. They always meet up in a good mood, which indicates they have a good workplace. “

Morten Moller

Prof. dr.med
Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology

“The collaboration with ChrisAll Solution has been smoothly and pleasantly. ChrisAll Solution has in particular shown great ability to solve acute problems in relocation of very heavy equipment and they have also shown great care in connection with relocation of expensive and sensitive equipment.
Employee willingness and great work efforts in connection with this heavy work have been quite unique and often beyond what one would expect.
I will give the ChrisAll Solution my best recommendation.”

Flemming Brømsøe Ibsen

Building Inspector
Campus Service Sund

“I often use ChrisAll Solution to solve various tasks. Their readiness is important to me on a busy weekday, where the tasks often are unexpected and the time for reaction is short. ChrisAll Solution delivers quality and secure solutions both inside and outside.”